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. this is wjzhd, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news
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station. incredible fire, flames shoot high into the sky as firefighters battle three separate fires. tonight what may have caused the flames to spread from one street to another. hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. breaking news, firefighters are back on the scene of that huge fire. less than 15 minutes ago smoke started coming out of one of the houses on fire. kelly mcpherson has what's going on now and earlier. >> reporter: on north calhoun street, this is one of the 3 fires. this is where firefighters are once again. that is where the original fire was. recently one house started spewing smoke. this was the first of 3 fires that started within 3 hours over 2 city blocks.
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>> my clothes are all smoked up. my bed is all smoked up from coming in the back. >> reporter: chopper 13 catches the start of fire number 2 right across the street from the first one. 3 row homes are ablaze. winds are possibly to blame. >> when the initial companies arrived there were very heavy fire. some embers may have blown on to one of the other homes. >> reporter: trucks saturated the area. when fires 1 and 2 were smoldering, another call. >> the 3rd fire started just 2 blocks away. they say embers could have carried -- arson has not been
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ruled out. several counties in the area have been red flagged for dry conditions this week. >> if you have fire -- wind coming from one side where the fire side is it's going to push that fire right through the house rapidly. so it intensifies our efforts. >> reporter: in all 10 row homes caught on fire, 8 vacant, 2 occupied. no one was hurt. investigators are still here two blocks down on north kerry street. they are still looking at that 3 3rd fire and as you can see, still very active here. it's too dark for me to tell if there is smoke still coming out of it but they are here monitoring whatever hot spots are left. thank you very much, kelly. one woman had an asthma attack from the fire. we are getting reports of a number of water outages in
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baltimore county. right now crews are on the way to the -- area. details are very limited right now. we don't know how widespread this is or what's causing it. tonight a howard county man is charged with setting his ex- wife and setting her condo on fire. tonight reports on the investigation, what the suspect's family is saying. >> reporter: the windows are boarded up and cleaning crews carry out debris from the scene of a chilling case of domestic abuse. police say he murdered his wife, then set the apartment on fire, stunning those who knew the mother of 4. >> it's always the good people that get caught up in the bad stuff. >> reporter: police say he had been living with his extemporarily. the children were not home at
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the time. white's sister spoke by phone imploring people not to jump to. >> i told my mom they were trying to get back together and he had moved back in. he was just in a very rough place in his life. i'm not condoning anything that he did because i don't know what he did. >> we do have some details relating to his injuries. >> reporter: wjz obtained a protective order wynn took out against him where she describes an assault, how he stalked her at home and work and told her, if i can't have you no one will. >> the youngest son that plays with my son said his daddy had moved back into the house and he was all happy. >> reporter: investigators also believe they found the murder weapon. the children's possessions
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still sit outside the apartment. the youngest child was just 6 years old. at howard's county, eyewitness news. the suspect is in shock trauma, he will be charged once doctors release him. a florida preacher is digging in his heels despite outrage over his decision to burn the holy book quran. tonight people around the world are fighting to stop it. >> a muslim leader came to the door of a small florida church hoping to talk the pastor out of. >> i hope as a christian he will follow in the footsteps of christ. >> but terry jones has made it clear despite pressure from religious leaders he's not backing down. >> we have no intention of cans
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canceling. >> he admits he received quite a bit of support for his plan to burn copies of the muslim holy book. while legal experts agree his protest is protected by the first amendment the city fire department denied him a burn permit and the company that manages the church's website pulled the plug. >> we feel he is a violation of our freedom of expression, freedom of speech because they are trying to shut us down. >> reporter: neighbors troubled by jones' plans are mobilizing at events like this enter faith service. >> this is the best example of what our community is about. here in the first two rows you had a lot more than 50 people. >> reporter: as u.s. embassies brace for fall out residents
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here are planning for gathering like this one and a protest of their own. gainesville florida. now, without that burn permit jones may face a fine, but lawyers have told him he has the right to burn qurans with or without the city's permission. the oil giant is also pointing fingers elsewhere. the oil rig exploded in april. in an internal report bp admits to human and mechanical errors. bp also blames the rig owner halliburton. the rig owner says the report is self serving. halliburton says it contains inaccuracies. history is made at bwi marshall and some of you may have helped as it reports the
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highest number of passengers ever, kei. officials say this is good news for the airport but they also believe it's good news for maryland's economy. from sun up to sundown, jets carry passengers in and out. now more than 2 million people flew through the airport in july. it's an all time record in july. >> this is yet another indication of the strength of the airport itself. we offer an excellent customer experience for our passengers. >> how do you grade an airport on its efficiency. >> well, how long you have to wait to get through security and also when you arrive. >> reporter: the increase represents an increase in passenger. locklong lines, cancellations and higher fees are enough to.
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>> the more passengers there are the busier it gets and the more lines you have to fight. i think what it shows is maybe more people are coming to baltimore. maybe people are interested in the city and hey, cud ohs to us. >> reporter: news that the tarmac is being replaced is growing evidence. >> there are bigger machines coming in here today and the foot print of those planes needs to be accommodated. >> this is the strength of the marketplace. i think the numbers indicate the economy is moving in a positive direction. >> reporter: we want to make a correction to the graph. had 2.1 million passengers come through the airport in july. actually coming through in july, that's up 4 1/2% over july of last year. thank you, kei. of the 2 million people,
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southwest served half of them. the jewish holiday is underway and tonight the local faithful spent it under the stars. >> russia shan a began tonight. dozens kicked off the holiday under the stars event in oregon ridge park. it parks the beginning of the jewish new year. so you think you can dance. a scientific study on how men shake their booty. >> reporter: can you say that again. a close call a lion in las vegas goes after its owner. laser pointers like these may be a lot of fun but if you use them in the wrong way you may be in a heap of trouble. cooler and much drier
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weather moving in. the first weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ it is 73 degrees and clear in central marry lands right now. tropical storm hermine is causing storms in texas. it's also bringing a lot of rain to texas causing severe
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flooding. two people died after drowning and thousands were evacuated. some say this is the worst flooding in 30 years. stopped in his tracks, a federal judge blocked funding for stem cell research. medical researchers believe embryonic stem cells, u.s. district judge ordered a halt to federal funding for embryonic research. the obama administration asked him to allow the funding while it appeals. today they lifted the judge's order. a line at the mgm grand hotel in as las vegas attacks its trainer. both were able to escape. you see the female lion also
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tries to stop the male lion. plans to return to work. a warning tonight for anyone who owns a laser pointer. be very careful where you aim them. helicopters and planes are off limits or you could find yourself behind bars. >> reporter: high up in the air pilots really on their eye sight. >> people take this laser and point it to the sky. >> reporter: when one of these lasers hits a helicopter cockpit at night, it causes temporary blind business. it's happened 6 times. >> my crew got hit with a green laser. >> you built up during your flight, gives you some temporary blindness. >> watch what happens when the lights go out and the laser
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pointer hits this cockpit. the griot green -- bright green light is disorienting to the pilots. >> our flight crews, there is nothing they can do once this occurs. >> we just can't pull over to the side of the road. >> reporter: these lasers are so dangerous they are now making it a point to track down the people who use them and arrest them and they are trying to get help from the government. newer green lasers are 35 times as bright as the red ones and police say they are becoming more common. >> the green is worse for the eye. >> reporter: helicopters now radio police on the ground to arrest people. so far charging several people with reckless endangerment. those lasers are so dangerous they made it illegal for anyone
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under 18 to buy them. a bill to make it illegal to point a laser at an aircraft has been introduced three times but so far it has not become a law. police may be the first in the nation to host citizen news station. this will raise the awareness among city residents. behind this idea. officials say only journalists have been allowed to attend news conferences but not for long. okay, imagine this. you see a woman you like the woman, you decide to dance for her. how, pray tell should you move? british researchers scientifically studied the problem. women like large movements involving the trunk, and wrist.
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they like twisting of the right knee. apparently a man's dance movements signal his reproductive qualities. but don't worry, bad dancers can study yoga. >> they did this in britain. >> i've danced with bob turk with him at a lot of weddings. a lot of right knee action in that guy. >> what can i say after a piece like that. it was dry today. very dry and quite breezy, had a wind gust up to 37 at the airport. right now it's cooled down nicely and unbelievably beautiful night right now. 73. many suburban areas are back not 60s. dewpoint very low. on the way back up. 73 here, 72 in eastern. 75 ocean city and only 55 now, the actual temperature and it's
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got a breeze, 55 in oakland. and once again this afternoon we were at 92 degrees. the front came through, dry, not a drop of rain and that's the big problem. winds still blowing a bit anywhere from 6 to 17 miles per hour. the winds will continue to diminish tonight and the temperatures will continue to fall. all that in texas moving to the north, northeast. still have some flooding in oklahoma. some portions of missouri. it's possible that some of that rain, shower activity may get in here on sunday night. we still may need the rain, it's been extremely dry. much cooler air and then on sunday a chance of some scattered shower activity. take a quick look at the tropics. we have tropical storm igor, this won't be a factor for a long time.
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by monday, however, it may be a category 2 hurricane. moving west slowly at 7. way out in the eastern atlantic to we'll keep track of that for you. gusty winds in the bay and a small cap advisory tomorrow. tonight clear. the winds died down. 56 by morning. great sleeping weather. tomorrow sunny and a few clouds popping up. 75 on friday. 82 gorgeous start to the weekend. shower chances later on sunday. 79, clearing out 82 here on monday, denise. the ravens get ready forrest. breaks down the game plan breaks down the game plan for the season ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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kick off the season against the jets. there were hints in the locker room that marshall yanda will be playing in the opener. chess will play right guard. the ravens begin preparations against new york. to beat joe flacco. as the jets head coach, his guys were the top defense in all the nfl last season. >> it will be a good test for us. obviously today we went to see a championship game and we have got a lot of good players everywhere. >> big sell in that system, obviously, a huge challenge for us. >> the ravens defense is likely to be out with darius web. he says he has not officially ruled him out. the season kicks off in less
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than a week. the new stadium, we will bring it to you right here on wjz. our special coverage comes to you that night. after baseball, the os going for a rare sweep. starting pitcher was brilliant. allows just one runs to the yankees. twice he struck out. the os would take the bat. he sends it the opposite way, it will go for a 2 run homerun an it's a 2-1 orioles lead. new york got a runner on base in the 9th. coach working for his 9th straight save. that will be a game winner for the yanks. no sweep for the os, they will settle for taking -- the os win it. orioles off tomorrow. a windy night in new york making it a bad hair night for
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women's top seed caroline -- some maintenance needed to blow away -- she advances to the semifinals. coming up on friday. battling the elements up there in new york. got to do what you have got to do. thanks, mark. spice en things up a bit. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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as the nfl season kicks into gear, adding a little spice to his life, literally. >> i play for real football. it takes a lot of hard work, a pitch of love, fighting muscles, some salt and this, old spice. it's like a fantasy. >> reporter: yeah, that's the
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ravens star linebacker starring in the old spice commercial. the last old spice commercial formulated more than 14 million hits. >> reporter: better hope that the wind doesn't blow that ,,,,,
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